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Twitter Two Factor Authentication

Social networking giant Twitter has faced heavy pressure recently to implement a two factor authentication process, this follows a series of high profile attacks on international corporations such as the associated press.

Personal and corporate twitter accounts can be compromised though phishing emails or data leaks elsewhere on the internet and also through more complex targeted attacks. Account hacks put businesses in vulnerable situations and give hackers the power to detriment a business. So now the popular social media site has employed a two factor authentication option to minimise the risk of compromise.

The additional security setting can be applied via the account tab in the settings page. All the feature requires is a mobile number to be registered to the account in which a unique 6 digit code can be sent to via text message. Every time the user logs in, a code will be required in order to authenticate their genuine identity.

The feature is available  now, give it a go by choosing to add a phone number in the ‘accounts’ tab of your Twitter account settings.


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