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UK Anti-piracy Campaign Launched By ISP’s

Many of the UK’s Internet Service Providers (ISP) have teamed up with representatives from the creative industries to launch an anti-piracy campaign. This new anti-piracy campaign will send alerts to subscribers if they are suspected of committing piracy.

As instructed by the Voluntary Copyright Alert Program (Vcap), from 2015, ISP’s will start sending out alerts to their customers if they believe their account may have been used for illegal file sharing.

These alerts are only part of a larger scheme that will aim to educate people about copyright, piracy and legal ways to enjoy digital content. Users will receive up to four warnings a year, however if they ignore these warnings, no further serious action will be taken.

This anti-piracy campaign has been the result of numerous years of talks within the Government and the UK’s biggest ISP’s – BT, TalkTalk, Virgin and Sky. To assist this campaign, the Government has pledged an additional £3.5m to an education campaign to promote legal ways to listen to music and watch movies.

The Vcap believe that “after receiving one alert, most consumers will take the appropriate steps to avoid additional alerts. However, if copyright infringement continues on a subscriber’s account, our member ISPs can take steps that temporarily affect that subscriber’s internet experience”.

Actions from the ISP’s could include a reduction in internet speed, a downgrade to the level provided or redirection to a landing page until the subscriber completes an online copyright education program.


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