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.uk Domain Rejected by Nominet

Plans to introduce a .uk domain address have been rejected by the domain name registration authority, Nominet.

A number of proposals were put forward towards the end of last year that proposed a range of new web address suffixes from .home and .shop through to .bet and .bible. Complaints were raised against some of the more controversial proposed domains but the rejection of the shortened .uk domain is a surprise.

Nominet has reported that despite the enhanced security features of a .uk domain, there was very little support behind the idea to make it a worthwhile project and the confusion between and .uk could have a negative impact on some business.

The .uk domain would have provided additional security features to prevent attacks from hackers. All .uk sites would have been DNSSEC-signed, giving them an authentication trust mark.
Nominet will now review the proposal to see if they can revise it so it is suitable to be introduced into the mainstream domain market.


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