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UK Businesses Not Doing Enough to Fight Cyber-Crime

The NCA and Met Police have accused UK businesses of not doing enough to combat Cyber-Crime within the UK.

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe the Met Police Commissioner and Donald Toon the Director of the economic crime command at the National Crime Agency believe that many UK businesses aren’t reporting or sharing Cyber-crime information for fear of a  ‘mutual suspicion’ between police and the private sector.

With Cyber-crime reports rising up to 54% in 2013, both the NCA and Met Police have commented that businesses need to share vital evidence if we (as a country) want to fight back and tackle Cyber-crime.

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Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe commented to the Wall Street Journal that frequently “organisations have control rooms running 24 hours a day to fend off attacks, often against state actors, but rarely will they share that information with the police”. He went on to add that “of course, businesses are concerned about shareholder value, and we’re all concerned that the reputation of our organisations are intact,” adding “but the only person who benefits from that confidentiality and that discretion is the criminal who attacks us, or the state actor who may be involved.”

Donald Toon followed on with these thoughts and commented that “there’s a real issue around co-operation between some parts of the private sector and law enforcement. For too long there has been a degree of mutual suspicion.”

However, Fran Howarth, a senior security analyst at Bloor Research, doesn’t believe the situation will improve due to difficulties gathering attack data and companies’ fears over how it will be used. She commented to SC Magazine that “information sharing has long been a problem in security and I don’t see that changing any time soon. Add that to the problem that organisations struggle to detect incidents, often taking months or being informed by third parties, and the need to inform law enforcement months down the line is probably not top of mind.”

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