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UK Ranks 7th in Global Network Readiness Index

The 2013 Global Information Technology Report has been released and shows the UK to be ranked 7th out of 144 in terms of readiness to boost their economy through IT.

The Network Readiness Index is a comprehensive assessment to measure how prepared a country is to use technology to boost their economy. It addresses a number of key factors, importantly, bridging the digital divide and investment in broadband.

Up 3 from 10 in the 2012 Network Readiness Index, at 7th place the UK is reported to ‘offer a conducive political and regulatory environment for IT development’.

Top Ten
1. Finland
2. Singapore
3. Sweden
4. Netherlands
5. Norway
6. Switzerland
7. UK
8. Denmark
9. USA
10. Republic of China (Taiwan)

See the worldwide results below


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