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Umbrella – The OpenDNS Cloud Service

A cloud based security service has been developed by domain security company OpenDNS. The service has been named Umbrella and protects users regardless of location, device or network connection.

Umbrella is a lightweight, downloadable agent that routes all DNS requests through a secure channel. Cutting edge malware, botnet and phishing protection tools have been used to offer complete protection, on and off premises for small and medium businesses.

Unlike traditional VPNs, Umbrella connects to the nearest data centre, this decreases latency. Umbrella is not only easy to deploy and manage but it also uses selective proxying that improves internet performance.

The Umbrella for iPhones configuration file is easy to install and directs iOS to the OpenDNS Global Network through a secure VPN. Setting policy and generating reports for all traffic to and from the device is simple through Umbrella Enterprise and Umbrella Insights.

The service also boasts threat intelligence. Constant real time threat data is fed from the 50,000,000 users on the OpenDNS Global Network. To protect all users this is instantly turned into actionable threat intelligence.

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