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Update Your Browser!

Research by Internet Security company Kaspersky has revealed that a quarter of all internet users work on outdated browsers. Firefox users are the biggest offenders averaging a mere 66% using the latest version, IE and Chrome users fare slightly better with an 80% update rate.

A total of two thirds of all users are using versions even older than the most recent update. Developers are hot when it comes to releasing updates that repair gaps in security. However with most users not updating until 1 month after the release date, there is a huge gap where users are vulnerable to exploits. The research shows that there are potentially millions of active machines out there with their doors wide open for attack.

Threats these users are inviting can be a combination of old well known methods of attack as well as new. By keeping up to speed with updates they can protect themselves from many of these older exploits. As a result hackers are being spoon fed millions of these vulnerable machines, allowing them to install malware using plugins and raid sensitive information such as bank account details.

Make sure you’re up to date with Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome and Firefox 16.0.2.


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