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Upgrade your Cisco ASA with an IDS

An intrusion detection system is a security management system which monitors and analyses a network, identifying malicious activities and policy violations.

With Sourcefire platforms you can upgrade your Cisco ASA, to create an integrated multi-service security appliance based on an intrusion detection system.

Soucefire’s capabilities include real-time contextual awareness, security automation and network intrusion prevention, as well as granular application control and URL filtering.  Sourcefire offers a comprehensive malware detection/blocking solution, with file analysis and security.

Sourcefire uses FireAMP, an advanced malware analysis and protection solution which uses big data to identify, understand and block malware outbreaks, to provide the visibility and control needed to stop threats which bypass other security layers.

FireAMP integrates with Sourcefire to deliver real-time visibility and control to protect virtual machines and mobile devices from malware.

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