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Variant Malware Undetected

There has been a rapid rise int he amount of malware undetected appearing in on Users computers. Recent research has shown that 90% of undetected malwares are routing into victim’s computers through their web browsers.

The research shown that the majority of successful attacks are being staged using slightly altered pre-existing malware. The authors of these attacks can make minor code changes to a known malware in order to avoid detection from Antivirus software. By making these minor changes in the coding of the attack, the malware undetected can bypass antivirus programmed to detect similar but not identical malware.

Results of various tests raise concerns as to the efficiency of antivirus software and it’s necessity in today’s computing world. It highlights the requirement for AV software developers to invest in researching and developing ways for software to detect and prevent new malwares similar to known threats.


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