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VMware Releases Information About its New VSAN

VMware has started to slowly release inspiring details of a launch party (March 6th 2014) for its virtual storage area network (VSAN). It’s expected this new VSAN is likely to be more impressive than originally imagined.

In 2013 at VMworld, Virtzilla showcased the first ever VSAN calling it a ‘proper’ SAN rather than the virtual storage appliance (VSA) others have produced.

Many businesses are coming around to the idea of using VSAN due to its capabilities.  Chuck Hollis a EMC employee and highly respected blogger saying The VSAN beta was announced with 3 to 8 node support” but that “the VSAN team had over-delivered, and VSAN would be at least 16 nodes at GA. Each VSAN node can support up to 35 disk drives (in addition to up to 5 SSD or PCI-e flash devices) … that’s a max of 560 spindles in a single VSAN cluster.”

The content is likely to be delivered by Vmware CEO Pat Gelsinger and the CTO Ben Fathi who are not often seen as minor product launches.


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