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WCIT 2012 Hack

Yesterday the conference in Dubai which is to establish the future governing of the internet was subject to hacking.

The World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) was well into its fourth day of talks when delegates suffered difficulties when attempting to access material on the events website.

The conference has sparked many concerns about the future of the ‘free’ internet. The UN body that regulates all telecommunications, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is hosting the debate. Proposals have been put forward to overhaul the regulations set in 1988 that govern ‘telecommunications’ as a whole and apply updated regulations to the world wide web as well as all other forms of telecommunications.

Many nations and independent bodies have raised concerns about proposals relating to privacy and transparency. Many suggesting that the body having access and rights to view and regulate every aspect of our online lives goes against our rights.

Who is behind the hack hasn’t been revealed but the most likely reason behind it would be to protest against an international control of the internet. By doing just that, taking control of the internet, the hack seems somewhat ironic.


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