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How will finger print sensors affect enterprise IT security?

Iphone 5S

Apples influence on the technology world is huge, and the latest feature on their newest flagship product, the iPhone 5S is predicted to spread through the mobile tech world.

If Apples finger print sensor unlocking feature takes off we could be seeing sensor technologies appearing in devices from other manufacturers and operating systems boasting similar security features very soon. But will these high tech processes and technologies provide advanced security over traditional passwords, phrases and patterns?

Experts are claiming that finger print recognition technology is all well and good, but only as a secondary form of authentication. Any form of security feature is enhanced significantly with the use of a secondary security precaution.

Apples move represents the development and changes in IT security and highlights the growing demand for further and enhanced security methods. We wouldn’t be surprised if finger print readers became a standard feature on most smartphones and tablets in the not so distant future. The most important thing to remember is that the more forms of user authentication on a device the better, one is not enough.


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