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Windows 8.1 Brings Back Start


It has been confirmed by Microsoft that the imminent Windows 8 update will return the trusty start button to its rightful place.

Yesterday a number of screen shots from the improved Windows 8.1 were leaked giving eager Windows 8 users a sneaky peek of a familiar looking Windows symbol in the expected bottom left hand corner of the desktop. Microsoft has now confirmed this rumour on their blog.

The controversial removal of the 17 year old institutional Start button caused a stir amongst Windows users, many feeling lost without their usual first port of call. The re-introduction will leave users relieved to find the start button right where they left it in Windows 7. A number of other improvements have been announced to remedy some of the unwelcome changes Windows 8 brought. The Windows blog post gives an overview of changes made to improve Personalisation, Search, App/Windows Store, Cloud Connectivity, PC Settings, Internet Explorer as well as improved mouse and keyboard options.

Don’t be fooled though, this friendly looking button will lead to a less familiar place – the Windows 8 metro menu that caused just as much confusion and controversy upon its introduction back in October of last year. The menu however will offer more flexibility with regards to app icon sizes, colours and customisation options.

Windows 8.1 update will also ship with the all new Internet Explorer 11. The 11th version of the browser has been developed to boast improved features and tools as well as improvements for a touch interface. IE11 will also allow tabs to be synced across various Windows 8.1 devices.

Windows 8.1 will be released as a free update for Windows 8 users on 26th June 2013.


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