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Was Windows 8 RT a Mistake?

Microsoft has admitted that the RT version of Windows 8 was a mistake that caused confusion to Surface users who expected a full version of Windows.

A senior employee has made a statement explaining that calling the lower spec tablet OS ‘Windows 8 RT’ was misleading and it should have been named with more intention on differentiating it from its full OS sibling, Windows 8.

Windows released their hybrid OS Windows 8 a year ago with versions tailored to PC, tablet and mobile use – Windows 8, Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone.  All 3 offered different levels of functions for the varying devices available, however many Surface users purchasing RT versions were left disappointed after expecting a full version of Windows.

The talk also explained that tablets in some cases may entirely replace desktop computers and laptops, but in many cases they are used as additional devices to complement and enhance existing systems. This clarified the need for a variety of different level operating systems, however there is a  requirement to differentiate between them clearly so the needs and expectations of every user are met.


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