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Windows Apps Step Away From Patch Tuesday

The way Microsoft ships its updates to apps from the Windows app store is due to take a step away from the well known Patch Tuesday.

Windows Store apps that are bundled with Windows 8 will now be updated and fixed as soon as the patch becomes available and not as part of the generic patch Tuesday that Microsoft releases monthly to patch, fix and update the entire windows platform. Until now Microsoft has held off releasing patches for as long as 4 weeks in order to release in uniform with all other fixes on the 2nd Tuesday of each month, globally known as Patch Tuesday.

Instances have been seen where patches have been released outside of the standard second Tuesday cycle. Critical updates that address vulnerabilities being exploited in the wild have been released at other dates in the calendar.

Questions have been raised regarding the release of patches that address both Windows 8 apps as well as software on previous versions of the operating system. Windows has stated there are no plans to change the way it issues patches to other forms of windows, thus meaning apps could potentially be updated 4 weeks prior to older software versions.

Windows Store will introduce a new regular update model that will improve functionality and security and issue any bug fixes almost instantly. This is all part of Microsoft’s efforts to provide a quick, transparent and painless security update process.


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