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Windows Blue to Bring Back Start?

Windows 8 may have only been around for 6 months, but already Microsoft have announced the preview of their latest OS, ‘Windows Blue’.

A preview of the operating system is thought to be available at a developer’s event in San Francisco on June 26th-29th this year. What this update will boast is questionable, but one thing that is for sure is that the Windows Blue will meet Windows 7 and 8 somewhere in the middle to remedy the drastic changes many Windows 8 users have not warmed to.

The move from Microsoft isn’t an admittance of defeat, but a compromise for its loyal customers to enjoy the Windows interface on laptops and desktops as well as tablets. Many agree that most just weren’t ready for a touch based user interface. Losing the 18 year old start button shook many new users and put many private and commercial users off adopting the new OS. The general consensus was that Windows 8 is not ideal for business use however the introduction of Windows Blue could see a more familiar, business friendly interface offered.

In light of the heavy criticism Windows 8 has received, the biggest change expected to be seen is the reintroduction of the start menu button, this move sees Windows creating a balance between an OS that compliments both the touch screen revolution but also works alongside computer users. Other suggestions point towards the option of booting direct to the Windows desktop, avoiding the tile design ‘metro’ menu unique to Windows 8.

Microsoft are giving nothing away aside from revealing a preview is due at the end of June, so watch this space!


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