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Windows Blue

With Windows 8 having just hit the shelves, already there are rumours of the next operating system to be released by Microsoft, and it’s expecting to be as soon as summer 2013.

Windows Blue would replace Windows 8 to offer users frequent and periodic updates. With Windows Store fully up and running and Windows 8 making its foot prints in the market it’s likely these updates could be offered for free. Whether Windows Blue would be a stand alone release, a service pack or a platform strategy is currently unknown. But what we do know is that it would introduce a new Software Development Kit (SDF). Windows users would be lured into yearly perpetual upgrades, much like what is offered by Apple.

Microsoft could use this rapid changing of various platforms as a weapon to make users upgrade to the latest OS. If users didn’t upgrade they could potentially lose the use of a number of the latest apps.

The one thing that does suggest changes may not be as rapid as some are predicting is the 5 year lifecycle policy offered by Microsoft. This standard guarantee that promises all hardware and software to be compatible for the following 5 years, and this would be expected to cover Windows Store also. Microsoft has also committed to mainstream support for 5 years for the recently released Windows 5 operating Surface tablet.

The changes are likely to be mainly internal, relating to the user interface as opposed to external changes, thus seeing the user experience staying much the same.


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