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Windows XP Still Vulnerable

Windows XP users were given an 18 month warning when Microsoft decided to stop support of the popular operating system.

With just 5 months until this end date users of Windows XP may think their safe for the time being. However a study has shown that even now, supported, up to date Windows XP machines are 6 times more likely to be victims of a cyber attack compared to Windows 8 devices. This study backs up Microsoft’s statement that ‘the outdated software can no longer defend against modern day threats’.

One in five computers worldwide still operate the 12 year old Windows XP operating system, and it’s expected that a third of businesses who currently use XP will continue to do so after the April 8th 2014 deadline, despite the security risks. From this date onwards Windows will cease to provide support and updates to Windows XP, leaving systems and networks wide open to attack.

The number of attacks successfully targeting Windows XP machines currently is high, and this is expected to grow as a wave of attacks are predicted following the date in April, as XP becomes the biggest and easiest target for cyber criminals.

Luckily both Google and Mozilla have agreed to continue supporting Chrome and Firefox browsers running in XP, despite the operating system itself being left unprotected and vulnerable to new threats and attacks.

It is advised that Windows XP users upgrade to an up to date, supported operating system to ensure their systems stay secure.


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