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Windows XP Support Ceases

Microsoft is to cease supporting Windows XP Operating System from April 2014.

The OS, released back in 2001 shaped the way we see Windows today, but Microsoft has decided to stop providing support to the 12 year old OS leaving it wide open to attacks. Businesses who are still using XP have one year from today to migrate their systems to a more modern and supported version of Windows.

It’s believed that up to 40% of UK PC’s are still running Windows XP despite its age. Microsoft has recommended migration to a newer OS should be staged over an 18-32 month period; businesses that haven’t begun the migration of systems now only have 1 year to action this. Not upgrading to a more recent and secure version of Windows could result in viruses, data theft and corruption. Following this warning, research has shown that one in five will continue to use XP despite the heightened security risks.

From April 8th 2014 Windows XP will not be covered by Microsoft and all businesses are highly recommended to upgrade their operating system.


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