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Windows XP Threatens Businesses

With less than a year until Microsoft pull all support of their 2001 operating system, XP, businesses face compliance issues if they don’t instigate a migration to a newer supported version of Windows OS very soon.

From 8th April 2014 Microsoft will be ceasing support of Windows XP alongside Microsoft Office 2003. This move will urge, if not force users to update their office software as well as their operating system. Microsoft recommends planning, testing and deploying any changes before the end of support date in spring 2014. This 1 year deadline however will cause businesses a number of issues when it’s taken into account that the average start to finish deployment time of a new OS company wide is 18 to 32 months.

It’s predicted that up to 15% of medium and large sized companies still run XP on a proportion of their machines. Running XP on a machine with a network connection, USB port or any other kind of port, connection or drive will become increasingly more risky from April onwards as updates and patches will also end for the 11 year old OS. XP will be left wide open to new malwares and viruses threatening networks company wide.

Businesses are advised to use the next year to implement a strategy for migrating away from XP and towards a modern, supported desktop, preferably before the April 2014 cut off.


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