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Work with a web agency FAQ

How do I choose the best web agency?

Don’t be seduced by a few pretty websites. Get recommendations, ask for references and follow them up. Check that the agency’s portfolio of work matches your requirements.

When you approach a web company or freelancer, tell them your main criteria up front, including budgets and timescale.

How do I brief a web agency?

Think of everything! If you don’t specify it, it won’t happen. And if you ask for changes, costs will escalate. A brief isn’t legally binding but it will form the basis of any contract you draw up so it’s vital to get it right.


Make sure you include:


  • Costs and timescale (is there a fixed launch date?)
  • Background on your company
  • Detailed information about the structure and content you need
  • Your design criteria — give the designer your marketing materials and logo and show them websites you like so they understand what you want
  • The objective(s) of the site. What do you sell, who are your customers, what do they need from your website?
  • Details about any search engine optimisation work

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